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Since its establishment in 2015 as a specialized radar company, BYDA Co., Ltd. aims to gradually advance into the market of security and drones, starting from the first product of radar, which is used for transportation and was developed in six months.

As the market demand for radar technology is increasing worldwide, many radar companies are emerging. However, Byda has 100% original technology to develop all the technologies for development, from millimeter wave circuits, embedded system design, and signal processing technology. We also have a competitive edge in our products. Based on this, we aim to increase the value and satisfaction of our customers with products optimized for customer needs and reasonable prices in small radar sensors and applied areas.

We, Byda, are currently standing on the starting line of a leap. We will do our best for the performance and quality of our products with constant effort and differentiated technology to earn the trust of our customers as we take incremental steps forward to make a leap forward.

Thank you. Employees of BYDA Co., Ltd