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Stop line detection (Stop bar detection)

  • Existing loop replacement
  • Vehicle detection function near stop lines
  • Can be used for sensitive left-turn signal control

Dilemma zone control function (dilemma zone) (Dilemma zone)

  • Provide information to traffic lights at intersections by detecting vehicles that have difficulties crossing the intersection, stopping before stop lines or red lights, or when the light turns yellow
  • Vehicle model and ETA (estimated time of arrival) classification
  • Maximum detection range is over 400 meters
  • Effective at preventing intersection crashes

Adaptive intersection light control

  • Provide traffic information, while considering the lane, traffic volume, average speed, occupancy, etc.
  • Lane-specific, queue length detection (queue length)
  • Traffic flow improvement feature through flexible signal control during commuting hours

Customized triggering (Customized triggering)

  • Intersection accident detection, reverse driving detection, etc.
  • Can be used for detection of an unexpected situation at intersections