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Enforcement System (Speeding/Light)

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Digital trigger signals are provided to the enforcement camera so that the vehicle which violated the law passing through the desired point or section can be detected

Speed Enforcement System (Speed Enforcement System)

  • Vehicle detection
  • Speed detection
  • Lane classification
  • Providing trigger signals
과속단속이미지 Detect / distinguish vehicles present in each lane within the detection area. Detect vehicles that travel at more than the permitted speed by detecting the speed of the vehicle. Provide digital trigger signals so that the enforcement camera can take pictures.

Red-light Enforcement System (Red light Enforcement System)

  • Per-lane vehicle detection
  • Stop line violation vehicle detection
  • Providing trigger signals
신호단속이미지 Detects a stationary vehicle at a stop signal at a specific point on the road, detects a vehicle that violated the light, and provides digital trigger signals to the enforcement camera for shooting
  • Provide accurate speed information for accurate enforcement (within ± 1 km / h)
  • Minimal product design for roadside aesthetics and roadside installation are available
    • - Small sensor size allows minimized enforcement system and roadside installation for road aesthetics
    • - Easy enforcement system via camera synchronized interface provided by radars
  • Customized enforcement technology support: control of driving on the shoulder, reverse driving, etc.